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"Post-operative recovery has turned out to be a long, slow process... Barbara's Feldenkrais classes have  helped me like no other, with their gentle yet powerfully enabling movement
patterns and her encouragement to notice with interest rather than
self-judgement! " Renée Oates
(Pilates, Gyrotonic & Abhinaya Dance teacher)

I have had trouble with my posture for several years and thought I was doomed to slump--until I worked with movement specialist, Mattie Holme.  She did an analysis of my whole body, especially my movements, and showed me how I was creating and sustaining the slouched posture.  She then showed me easy exercises and movements which have re-engaged my muscles so that my back, neck, and head are aligned in a relaxed upright position.  The results have been remarkable.  Diane Gillespie, Emerita Professor, University of Washington Bothell, Seattle, USA

"As a sportsman, much time is spent in competition and in the gym, but after 4 weeks working intensely with Dudley, I can honestly say I am returning to my sport with a much better understanding of my body.  For me my fitness and health is everything, and my back, posture and stomach have never felt stronger...."   Nick Compton, Cricketer playing for England.