South Africa’s pioneering Feldenkrais® Method practitioner:

Treatments or Exercises, Poor Posture, Lack of Flexibility, Rehabilitation following an injury or surgery, Effects of Stress, Back problems.

Barbara McCrea


The Feldenkrais® Method is for you if you want highly skilled manual therapy or exercises to train your body in a gentle and releasing, yet highly effective way.

Feldenkrais® is greatly sought after for its ability in dealing with long term, chronic and seemingly intractable problems. There are one-on-one treatments to help you improve, whether you are fit or unfit.

Feldenkrais® treatments are an effective alternative to other physical therapy or massage which may not be working for you.

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Barbara regularly teaches courses for physiotherapists,  Pilates teachers, biokineticists and other health professionals country-wide.

Her special interests include  Feldenkrais® for Equestrians and the Performing Artists.