Twenty years of experience

Shari has been in private practice for the past twenty years, specialising in both conservative and post-operative management of spinal rehabilitation.

Shari Rosenberg


Shari has been in private practice, specialising in both conservative and post-operative management of spinal rehabilitation for the past twenty years.

She works closely with a team of Neuro and Orthopaedic surgeons, and treats patients pre and post operatively through to final rehabilitation. Shari's practise has a back rehabilitation studio.

Patients can attend both Pilates and Gyrokinesis classes which Shari studied internationally and has found to be of great benefit for restoring function.

Shari Rosenberg is currently teaching the following courses:

- The Role of the Sacroiliac Joint in Sports Injuries and Low Back Pain
- Linking the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis using Muscle Energy Techniques and Exercise Prescription to enhance function
- Clinical Pilates for Specific Rehabilitation of the Upper and Lower Quadrant
- Gyrokinesis Teacher Training Programme


In 1998 Shari attended her first Osteopathy course at Michigan State University. She has attended all their post-graduate courses, and has incorporated these skills into her physiotherapy practice.

Shari is a Master Trainer in Gyrokinesis® and a Pre-Trainer in Gyrotonic. Shari teaches both locally and internationally. Her courses are based on extensive clinical experience, integrating muscle energy techniques with exercise prescription, incorporating the clinical applications of Pilates and Gyrotonic.