"I am committed to helping all my clients find their best quality of life through the ease of movement in their bodies."

What I love about my work is developing a connectedness with my clients that deepens my experience and helps them achieve their goals. Like-minded people seem to be drawn together naturally, and we find ourselves grateful for one another, teachers and clientele alike.

Mandy Williams


Mandy began her career as an award-winning soloist and principal dancer with the CAPAB.

A serious injury forced her retirement, but she was able to redirect her passion into a Pilates career, joining her former ballet teacher Dudley Tomlinson in his studio in 1998.

For more information on the Tower, and the Stool and Matwork go to http://www.gyrotonic.com/

Visit Mandy's website for more detail: http://mandywilliams.co.za/



  • Private, Duet and Group Classes.
  • Pilates Matwork (all levels) using the Oov, therabands, dumbbells, magic-circles, small overballs, larger gym balls, disco sits, arc barrels and rollers, each of which provide resistance work and proprioceptive input (balance)
  • Pilates Reformer classes (up to 4 in a group)
  • Private sessions using the  Pilates Cadillac (all levels)
  • Interconnected stretching / flexibility / fascia release / suppling up.
  • Movement with breath on the GYROTONIC Tower
  • GYROKINESIS Stool and Matwork classes
  • Private Sessions specialising on Scoliosis

For more information on the Tower or Stool and Matwork classes, go to http://www.gyrotonic.com/ 


I have been studying  Pilates for over 20 years - most of these at the Wynberg Pilates studio with Dudley first and now Mandy. 

I have found that, after the initial hurdle of negotiating Zoom and getting the setup right, my practice of Pilates has greatly improved and I have grown stronger during the past few months. I think this is as a result of having to rely more on what I hear and feel in the class and not only what I observe. 

Mandy is an exceptional teacher who knows how to keep the class inspired and who is generous in sharing her considerable knowledge of movement. 

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to attend her classes. The hour just zips by joyfully...